Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

If you would like to install a ceiling fan but believe your room cannot accommodate one, flush mounted ceiling fans are ideal for small rooms or rooms that have low ceilings because they take up a minimal amount of space. This prevents the room from looking and feeling smaller and crowded and gives a more spacious feel. These types of fans are sometimes called hugger ceiling fans or low-profile fans. The blades of these fans are designed to be as close to the ceiling as possible while still maintaining their ability to circulate air effectively. The blade size of these fans is sometimes smaller as well. Flush mount ceiling fans with lights will use up a bit more space than those without lights. If you need a model with a light, choosing a low-profile and simple light will take up much less space than a fancier light will.

Oftentimes flush mount ceiling fans will be more expensive at retail stores but you can find discount ceiling fans of this variety at garage sales, secondhand stores, clearance sales and by searching the Internet. Amazon.com frequently has sales on ceiling fans and is a good and reliable choice when shopping online. When purchasing used discount ceiling fans, you should thoroughly inspect the fan for any defects and ask the previous owner if the fan has any problems.

Hunter ceiling fans carry a line of flush mount fans with colorful and playful designs meant for use in a child’s room. Often a younger child will have a smaller room, making these fans ideal for saving space while adding a decorative touch. This line is known as the Low Profile IV Plus series. Among these are featured designs that include a blue striped background with clouds and airplanes, stripes and polka dots, flowers and princesses, sports themes and one fan is cleverly designed to look like it has surfer blades.

Because flush mount ceiling fans are closer to the ceiling, air circulation will not be as efficient as it would be with a standard mount ceiling fan. However, there are low-profile fans that are designed to compensate for this shortcoming. Better designed models will generally cost more than one that has not been adjusted for the closeness to the ceiling. It is worth spending a bit more on a better design so that the cooling effects of the fan are maximized. Getting the best performance out of your fan will ensure saving costs on your power bill. A low-profile fan that is not very efficient is not likely to produce a cooling effect which is noticeable enough to make a difference on your bills.

Another excellent location for hugger ceiling fans is in walk-in closets, hallways and covered porches and patios. Hallways and closets often feel unventilated and cramped. Adding cool circulating air will alleviate this feeling. Installing a flush mounted ceiling fan on your covered porch or patio will make hot or humid days more enjoyable when sitting outside and can even improve your energy bills by keeping the air moving. This results in less heat buildup under your porch, which can affect the temperature of your house.


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