Ceiling Fans Remote

Ceiling fans can improve the comfort of any home in a jiffy. But when you are sitting home relaxing on a nice saturday afternoon, nice and cool because of your fan, you don’t want to have to get up off of the couch in order to change the speed, or turn the ceiling fan on or off. That is why many companies have come out with a wireless ceiling fans remote. This remote allows you to sit back on your couch and relax, yet still control the speed and functionality of your fan. Let’s examine a few of the major brands of ceiling fan remotes on the market.

Litex RC 103

As I am writing this, it currently costs about $26 on amazon. The Litex RC 103 is a simple remote with a 5 button system. It  comes with the transmitter and the receiver and works with any downrod mounted fan. You can set your fan to high, med, or low using this remote, and you can also dim the lights with it’s light brightness function. This particular remote can work at a range of up to about 40 feet.

The only problem with the Litex RC 103 is that it does not have a particularly solid design and I have heard on several occasions that they tend to go bad fairly quickly. I have even heard of these going bad as early as several months after purchase. From what I can tell, this is a rather low end remote and I would only recommend it hesitantly.

Hunter 27157 Basic Remote Control

Hunter is a major brand when it comes to ceiling fans and they now have their own version of a ceiling fans remote. Their remote has an on and off switch for the fan and light, but does not allow you to change the speed of the fan. So you will have to either use the same speed, or get up and change it if you would like to speed up or slow the fan down. To me, not being able to change the speed almost defeats the purpose of buying a remote in the first place.

The hunter has also been document to have a problem with RF interference. Other objects in your home can trigger the sensor in the base of your fan and cause it to turn on and off sporadically. If this happens, it is not a ghost! But it does cause somewhat of an annoyance when you wake up and your light fans are all on.

Hunter 27187 Ceiling Fan and Light Remote

The hunter 27187 improves on one of my major gripes with the previous model, and that is the inability to change the speeds or dimness of the lights. This model has buttons for three separate fan speeds and several levels of brightness for the light. It also has a fairly easy installation and comes with do it yourself instructions.

This hunter remote has not had the same problems with RF interference to my knowledge and is a much more solid recommendation from me. If I were going to buy a ceiling fans remote, this would be the one I purchase. As of this writing, it currently runs $40 on amazon.com.