Ceiling Fan Parts

Ceiling Fans have many different parts. All of these various parts at times can malfunction or go bad. Let’s discuss some of the major pieces and parts of your ceiling fan so that if you ever have any trouble, you can begin analyzing the possible problems in order to fix the fan yourself. Hiring a repair man is expensive and it is the last thing we ever want to do!

Electric Motor

Different types of ceiling fans will have different kinds of motors, but most all fans are going to have an electric motor. Many times if the electric motor has gone bad, you are in for an expensive repair and would be better off just buying a new one.

Ceiling Fan Blades (Paddles)

Everyone knows that a ceiling fan is going to have blades, or as some people call them, “paddles”. These blades are what make the fan push the air around the room and cause it to cool. Replacing ceiling fan blades is a rather simple endeavor and most people should be able to do this type of repair themselves. If you are looking for replacement blades, you should be able to find them at lowe’s or somewhere like amazon to order them on the internet.

Ceiling Mount

The type of ceiling mount that the fan uses is going to vary based on the specific model you have purchased. One type is the “ball and socket”. It has a metal or plastic sphere mounted on the downrod. It in turn rests in a bracked mounted on the ceiling which is what allows a bit of give on the fan (you have probably noticed the base itself swivels a bit when the fan is on). In addition to the ball and socket you might see a j-hook, a low ceiling adapter, or a close to ceiling adapter as well


The downrod is a metal piece and is what allows the fan to dangle from the ceiling. This is also something that can be tricky to replace depending on how good you are with this type of work. For an experienced home re-modeler this will be a piece of cake, but for the average joe, you might need some assistance.

Ceiling Fan Parts come in all shapes and sizes and are available from your local hardware store or online at amazon. The repairs themselves can vary from being extremely difficult, such as a bad motor, all the way to a quick 5 minute blade replacement. If you can’t figure out what is wrong with your ceiling fan or just don’t think you know how to fix it, it is best to just get a replacement. They run anywhere from $50-$250 and installation usually only runs an extra $50-$100.