Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

If you would like to install a ceiling fan but believe your room cannot accommodate one, flush mounted ceiling fans are ideal for small rooms or rooms that have low ceilings because they take up a minimal amount of space. This prevents the room from looking and feeling smaller and crowded and gives a more spacious feel. These types of fans are sometimes called hugger ceiling fans or low-profile fans. The blades of these fans are designed to be as close to the ceiling as possible while still maintaining their ability to circulate air effectively. The blade size of these fans is sometimes smaller as well. Flush mount ceiling fans with lights will use up a bit more space than those without lights. If you need a model with a light, choosing a low-profile and simple light will take up much less space than a fancier light will.

Oftentimes flush mount ceiling fans will be more expensive at retail stores but you can find discount ceiling fans of this variety at garage sales, secondhand stores, clearance sales and by searching the Internet. Amazon.com frequently has sales on ceiling fans and is a good and reliable choice when shopping online. When purchasing used discount ceiling fans, you should thoroughly inspect the fan for any defects and ask the previous owner if the fan has any problems.

Hunter ceiling fans carry a line of flush mount fans with colorful and playful designs meant for use in a child’s room. Often a younger child will have a smaller room, making these fans ideal for saving space while adding a decorative touch. This line is known as the Low Profile IV Plus series. Among these are featured designs that include a blue striped background with clouds and airplanes, stripes and polka dots, flowers and princesses, sports themes and one fan is cleverly designed to look like it has surfer blades.

Because flush mount ceiling fans are closer to the ceiling, air circulation will not be as efficient as it would be with a standard mount ceiling fan. However, there are low-profile fans that are designed to compensate for this shortcoming. Better designed models will generally cost more than one that has not been adjusted for the closeness to the ceiling. It is worth spending a bit more on a better design so that the cooling effects of the fan are maximized. Getting the best performance out of your fan will ensure saving costs on your power bill. A low-profile fan that is not very efficient is not likely to produce a cooling effect which is noticeable enough to make a difference on your bills.

Another excellent location for hugger ceiling fans is in walk-in closets, hallways and covered porches and patios. Hallways and closets often feel unventilated and cramped. Adding cool circulating air will alleviate this feeling. Installing a flush mounted ceiling fan on your covered porch or patio will make hot or humid days more enjoyable when sitting outside and can even improve your energy bills by keeping the air moving. This results in less heat buildup under your porch, which can affect the temperature of your house.


Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

Minka Aire provides gorgeous ceiling fans and lighting, with designs that you will not find anywhere else. The company states that their ceiling fans define the art of air management, being functional, fashionable and artistically unique. The F402 Twin Turbo fan is an example of one of their unique designs. Rather than using blades as most ceiling fans do, this particular model makes use of two fans that are independent of each other. They blow and circulate air from opposite sides of the fan fixture. Appropriate for use in wet or damp areas, this is an excellent fan choice for your porch or patio.

The quality of parts used in a ceiling fan is important for quiet operation, durability and excellent performance. Minka Aire parts are solid and sturdy yet they remain sleek and attractive in design. The high performance Twin Turbo series, such as the F502-STW, is a great example of this. Designed for frequent use and maximum air flow and efficiency, this model is very attractive in its design. Used with a light kit, this model gives the look and feel of a fancy lantern. Even without the light the design is still beautiful and intriguing.

Both the F402 and F502-STW are Minka Air gyro fan models, meaning not only do the independent fans have blades that rotate, but also the fans themselves orbit around the ceiling attachment. Minka Aire remote controllers are provided as an accessory purchase to these fans, making operating and changing the controls as easy as pushing a button.

It should be noted that these are not flush mounted ceiling fans. The design of these fans does not allow them to be attached directly against the ceiling. Flush mounted ceiling fans are ideal for rooms with low ceilings because they take up a minimal amount of space. This keeps the small room from appearing smaller and more crowded and provides for a more spacious feel.

Minka Aire does have a line of flush mounted ceiling fans in a wide variety of colors and designs, both for indoor and outdoor use. The F518-ORB model has a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze finish and is suitable for any indoor room. It also includes a remote control so you can operate and adjust the fan without ever leaving the comfort of your chair. The F574-BNW model can be used indoors or outdoors and has a finish of brushed nickel with a wet look. These sleek and contemporary designs can enhance the beauty of your home while providing a pleasant cooling experience.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these fans, you can search for a dealer near you on the Minka Aire website. Minka Aire fans are sold by both independent and national lighting and fan stores all across the United States. They are also sold in Canada, Mexico and Brazil as well as other international locations. Many online lighting and fan retailers also carry this brand of ceiling fan and the prices are often considerably cheaper than prices found in retail stores.


How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Installing a ceiling fan can be intimidating for an inexperienced user but it is not as daunting a process as you may think. If you wish to have someone else do the job for you, ceiling fan installation cost in your area should be researched.

First you will need to determine whether or not the room you will install the ceiling fan in is ready for a ceiling fan or not. If you are replacing an existing fan, you should not need to install any additional components beforehand. If the room in which you are installing the fan simply has a light fixture, a few extra steps will be needed.

You will need to remove the light fixture from the ceiling. In some cases, the hole will need to be enlarged or a new hole may need to be cut, depending on the mount style of the fan. After removing the fixture and expanding the hole if necessary, the electrical box included with the fan will need to be attached to the bottom of the joist. The remainder of the fan will be attached to this, so it must be attached securely. If your fan includes a decorative medallion for the ceiling, it should be mounted now. A metal ceiling plate will need to be attached next and the existing wires will need to be threaded through the hole in the plate so that they can reach the fan motor connections.

At this point you will need to assemble the ceiling fan itself if you have not done so already or if it does not come pre-assembled. Instructions will be included with your fan explaining how to do this. You should not attach the blades or a light kit yet.

Once the fan has been assembled, the wires from the ceiling need to be connected to the wires on the assembly. Wiring a ceiling fan must be done correctly so please consult your user manual to ensure proper matching of wires. Now attach the assembled canopy and fan motor to the metal ceiling plate, ensuring all wires are within the enclosure and not sticking out.

Attachment of the blades and light kit is next, if your fan includes one. The blades should be attached first. After all of the blades have been installed, turn on the fan to check that it is operating smoothly with no shaking. If your blades are not operating smoothly, balancing weights have been included in your fan purchase and can be used to eliminate this problem. You should check the ceiling fan direction. Blades that rotate counter-clockwise are best for hot weather, whereas blades that rotate clockwise are best for cold weather.

If you are installing a ceiling fan with lights, this is your final step. Follow the instructions for attaching the light kit to your fan. If you have light sheaths, these should be installed prior to installing bulbs. If your light kit includes a dome, it should be installed after the bulbs.

If you have lost your manual, Hunter Ceiling Fans provide downloadable copies of how to install a ceiling fan with lights, along with other manuals on their website.


Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay ceiling fans are beautiful and unique ceiling fans. Owned by Home Depot, they are manufactured by several different companies. If you plan on installing a new ceiling fan in your home, Hampton Bay fans are an excellent choice. Be sure not to confuse these fans with Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, which are manufactured for Lowe’s.

What makes Hampton Bay fans so special?

There are several features of these fans that put them ahead of the crowd. One of the handiest features is the method of installation for these fans, called Quick Connect. A customer will be able to put together their fan and have it installed within mere minutes. Hampton Bay ceiling fan installation is the easiest method available for the general consumer.

The ceiling fan blades of Hampton Bay fans are different from the blades of other brands of fans. Optimum efficiency of air movement is provided by this unique blade design, which is called Gossamer Wind. Ceiling fan blades that are flat or slightly angled do not provide as much air movement and cooling as this uniquely shaped blade does, providing you with significant energy savings.

Hampton Bay ceiling fans use technology in the fan motor and the fan blades to ensure a quiet operation with no shaking blades.

When you purchase a Hampton Bay ceiling fan, included in that purchase is a warranty for life at no additional cost. There is no need to send any parts in for repair or replacement. Simply contact your local Home Depot store and you will be assisted. Replacements for Hampton Bay ceiling fan parts can also be found online as well as downloads for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan manual.

Add Light to Your Life with Hampton Bay Fans

Hampton Bay ceiling fan lights can be added to a plain model or can be purchased when included with the model. Lighting options range from simple and basic to fancy and beautiful.

The Hawkins model features a simple but beautiful light kit. It is a frosted glass dome in the shape of an upside down bell. The beauty and simplicity of this light kit will work with almost any style of room. The blades of this fan are reversible with a honey color on one side and white on the other, letting you choose which would complement the room best.

The Landmark Plus model has a slightly fancier three light kit included. The ribbed glass shade covers along with the polished brass finish of the fan can give an elegant look to any room for which it is used. This model also features reversible blades in oak and walnut.

The Moonlight model features a different type of lighting. Rather than including a light kit to be attached, this Harbor Bay ceiling fan has integrated a halogen light into the design, which is stylish, sleek and contemporary. The brushed nickel, with its sleek black blades will enhance the décor of your contemporary style home with a clean and polished look all for a very reasonable price.


Hunter Ceiling Fan

Hunter ceiling fans are the best choice when considering a ceiling fan. Fans that can keep people cool while remaining quiet are essential and favored. A Hunter ceiling fan does that with excellence. You will think these fans are expensive, but they are tremendously luxurious without breaking the bank. A Hunter fan is available in many options so that you can choose what best suits your needs.

You can choose between Hunter ceiling fans with lights and Hunter ceiling fans without lights. Hunter also offers different blade sizes. Hunter ceiling fans blades range from thirty-six inches to seventy-two inches. Hunter produces fans in an assortment of finishes, which include white, pewter and copper to name a few. You can trust that the Hunter ceiling fans parts will be durable and will look great. Hunter has a strong desire to meet the needs of its customers. Hunter does not see its customers as uniform and in a box, but sees each customer as being unique in their own light. The Hunter website is a prime example of this. On the website, you will find an easy to use guide that allows you to see their fans and preview each option with ease. Hunter exists to cater to its customers.

Hunter has several years of experience with fans. Because of this, you can trust that your fan will be in exceptional condition and marveled within your home, no matter the location. Hunter’s history dates back to 1886 when James C. Hunter invested in the Tuerk Water Meter Company, which led to the development of the first water-driven fan and ceiling fan. With Hunter as your choice, you can put your mind at ease and allow peace to reside in your home.

Hunter takes their time to ensure that your fan is perfect for you and is an innovation. Hunter now offers Concert Breeze for all of their fans. Hunter and Soundoiler, both leaders in the fan industry and the sound system industry respectively, have joined forces to bring you a revolutionary concept. Concert breeze allows HD quality sound to be produced in a 360° range. There is no need for wires, drilling holes in the wall or measurements. The speaker is easily installed onto your Hunter fan, and can be used wirelessly by virtually any audio device. There is also a remote control, so that you will not have to worry about turning on the speaker when you meant to turn off the light. Furthermore, there are four channels to eliminate any interference. With Concert Breeze, you can expect unsurpassed HD quality sound coupled with signature Hunter craftsmanship. The Concert Breeze takes the hard work and frustration away from you and allows you to relax and enjoy your mp3 player, radio or television.

Hunter is constantly learning how they can innovate, improve their products and serve their customers. They pride in excellence and top quality products. As a cherished customer of Hunter, you will never have to worry about any of their employees cutting corners or halfway-finishing an assignment. All of their work is guaranteed to be completed quickly and efficiently. Hunter delights in integrity and is your best choice for fans.


Top Harbor Breeze Fans

Number 1. Harbor Breeze Lakeside Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Lakeside II
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This is the most popular Harbor Breeze product on the market. It is a great seller both online and is in Lowe’s bestseller collection. This model has a 6-blade ceiling fan. It comes in white or bleached oak finish.

The Lakeside II ceiling fan has 3 speeds and also has the option to move in reverse. It ships with a frosted glass light kit. It has a 52 inch blade span. This makes it perfect for a medium to large size room.

It Mounts in rooms with sloped and standard ceilings. It can be used with close mount or flush mounts for installation in rooms with low ceilings.

The Harbor Breeze Lakeside II is both beautiful and offers superb performances as well. This is what has made this model go to the top of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan list.

Number 2. Harbor Breeze Queensland, Old Iron Finish

Harbor Breeze Queensland
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The Queensland model is the most perfect model for outdoors. It is perfect for a patio or den. The Lakeside II model is not UL-listed for outdoor damp locations like the Queensland model.

The Harbor Breeze Queensland model is available online. It has 5 blades with a 52 inch span. It has an walnut fish that beautifully matches the old iron finish hcarm of the fan body.

The Queensland adds charm and character to any room it is put in. It looks like a ceiling fan from another time. I has a 2 position mounting system that can place it in almost any outdoor area and it includes a down rod for installation in high ceiling rooms.

The Harbor Breeze Queensland can be used as a light fixture with an integrated light kit. Scavo glass is used and included in every package. The Queensland model has a high performance and will keep performing for a long time. The motor runs in 3 speeds.

Number 3. Harbor Breeze Bellhaven

Harbor Breeze Queensland
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Bellhaven is one of the most beloved ceiling fans from Harbor Breeze. It really stands out from the other models. The fan comes in nickel or bronze finish.

The bronze is the perfect choice if you are looking for a traditional and ornate air. If you are looking for a more contemporary look the nickel model is the choice for you.

The Harbor Breeze Bellhaven ceiling fan comes with 5 reversible blades in cherry wood finish. The blades has a 52 inch span. The fan has built in 3 alabaster glass light kit to make this ceiling fan a complete package.

Number 4. Harbor Breeze Bella Vista

Harbor Breeze Queensland
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Harbor Breeze Bella Vista is one of the most beautiful ceiling fans there is. Bella Vista translated means Beautiful View.

It is a matte white 44″ fan with 5 blades for indoor use. The Bella Vista has 3 speeds and can go in reverse.

The Harbor Breeze Bella Vista Ceiling Fan does come with a limited lifetime warranty. It has a 74.2% airflow efficiency. This means that is does not qualify as an energy  star ceiling fan.

What You Should Know

Despite all of the new technology available in today’s computer driven world, one of the most popular and overlooked additions to any home is the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans have been in use for over a century and provided added value to your home, energy efficiency, and just plain feel nice when it’s warm outside.

Due to the longevity in the market, you can now find ceiling fans in all shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and designs. Oft times, the hardest part can be finding one that fits your particular style and designs tastes. The best ceiling fans available today are going to have much better motors, durability, finishes, and materials than those that were available in the past. Because of this, if your home is older, you might want to look into replacing your ceiling fans with newer and more efficient and appealing models.

One common mistake is that ceiling fans are not worth your while if you live in a colder climate. While it is true that a ceiling fan offers a very large benefit in a warm climate, it can also help a great deal in a colder climate or during the winter. Most fans have a method of setting the blades to spin in reverse order. This allows you to push the warm air that rises naturally, back down into the room. During the winter, this will allow you to re-circulate the heat and keep your room a more comfortable temperature.

In the summer, a ceiling fan can help keep your room nice and cool. If your air conditioning is set to 78 degrees, a fan can make that 78 degrees feel like 74, and it does it for pennies a day. For me personally, the sound a ceiling fan can also cause a calming effect. It reminds me of my grandmother’s house and helps me to relax when I am sitting around the house.

One problem that keeps many people from purchasing ceiling fans is the complicated wiring and installation that is required. Most ceiling fans have pull chords for both the light fixture and the fan itself. Both need to be wired correctly in order for them to work from the same light switch or separate ones if you are lucky enough to have two. There is an easy solution however as most retailers that sell ceiling fans also offer an installation option for an added fee.

Ceiling fans can help you relax, save you money on your air conditioning and heating bill, and also improve the look of any room. They have come a long way in the last century but are still a great addition to any home. If you were waiting to take the plunge in buying and installing a ceiling fan, wait no more. Now is the perfect time to make such an addition to your home.

Ceiling Fans Remote

Ceiling fans can improve the comfort of any home in a jiffy. But when you are sitting home relaxing on a nice saturday afternoon, nice and cool because of your fan, you don’t want to have to get up off of the couch in order to change the speed, or turn the ceiling fan on or off. That is why many companies have come out with a wireless ceiling fans remote. This remote allows you to sit back on your couch and relax, yet still control the speed and functionality of your fan. Let’s examine a few of the major brands of ceiling fan remotes on the market.

Litex RC 103

As I am writing this, it currently costs about $26 on amazon. The Litex RC 103 is a simple remote with a 5 button system. It  comes with the transmitter and the receiver and works with any downrod mounted fan. You can set your fan to high, med, or low using this remote, and you can also dim the lights with it’s light brightness function. This particular remote can work at a range of up to about 40 feet.

The only problem with the Litex RC 103 is that it does not have a particularly solid design and I have heard on several occasions that they tend to go bad fairly quickly. I have even heard of these going bad as early as several months after purchase. From what I can tell, this is a rather low end remote and I would only recommend it hesitantly.

Hunter 27157 Basic Remote Control

Hunter is a major brand when it comes to ceiling fans and they now have their own version of a ceiling fans remote. Their remote has an on and off switch for the fan and light, but does not allow you to change the speed of the fan. So you will have to either use the same speed, or get up and change it if you would like to speed up or slow the fan down. To me, not being able to change the speed almost defeats the purpose of buying a remote in the first place.

The hunter has also been document to have a problem with RF interference. Other objects in your home can trigger the sensor in the base of your fan and cause it to turn on and off sporadically. If this happens, it is not a ghost! But it does cause somewhat of an annoyance when you wake up and your light fans are all on.

Hunter 27187 Ceiling Fan and Light Remote

The hunter 27187 improves on one of my major gripes with the previous model, and that is the inability to change the speeds or dimness of the lights. This model has buttons for three separate fan speeds and several levels of brightness for the light. It also has a fairly easy installation and comes with do it yourself instructions.

This hunter remote has not had the same problems with RF interference to my knowledge and is a much more solid recommendation from me. If I were going to buy a ceiling fans remote, this would be the one I purchase. As of this writing, it currently runs $40 on amazon.com.

Ceiling Fan Parts

Ceiling Fans have many different parts. All of these various parts at times can malfunction or go bad. Let’s discuss some of the major pieces and parts of your ceiling fan so that if you ever have any trouble, you can begin analyzing the possible problems in order to fix the fan yourself. Hiring a repair man is expensive and it is the last thing we ever want to do!

Electric Motor

Different types of ceiling fans will have different kinds of motors, but most all fans are going to have an electric motor. Many times if the electric motor has gone bad, you are in for an expensive repair and would be better off just buying a new one.

Ceiling Fan Blades (Paddles)

Everyone knows that a ceiling fan is going to have blades, or as some people call them, “paddles”. These blades are what make the fan push the air around the room and cause it to cool. Replacing ceiling fan blades is a rather simple endeavor and most people should be able to do this type of repair themselves. If you are looking for replacement blades, you should be able to find them at lowe’s or somewhere like amazon to order them on the internet.

Ceiling Mount

The type of ceiling mount that the fan uses is going to vary based on the specific model you have purchased. One type is the “ball and socket”. It has a metal or plastic sphere mounted on the downrod. It in turn rests in a bracked mounted on the ceiling which is what allows a bit of give on the fan (you have probably noticed the base itself swivels a bit when the fan is on). In addition to the ball and socket you might see a j-hook, a low ceiling adapter, or a close to ceiling adapter as well


The downrod is a metal piece and is what allows the fan to dangle from the ceiling. This is also something that can be tricky to replace depending on how good you are with this type of work. For an experienced home re-modeler this will be a piece of cake, but for the average joe, you might need some assistance.

Ceiling Fan Parts come in all shapes and sizes and are available from your local hardware store or online at amazon. The repairs themselves can vary from being extremely difficult, such as a bad motor, all the way to a quick 5 minute blade replacement. If you can’t figure out what is wrong with your ceiling fan or just don’t think you know how to fix it, it is best to just get a replacement. They run anywhere from $50-$250 and installation usually only runs an extra $50-$100.

Are They a Good Investment?

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are the Lowe’s made brand of ceiling fan and can be found strictly at any Lowe’s store in your city. When you are looking for a ceiling fan, it is important to make sure that you are getting a high quality fan at a great price. Going with the Lowe’s brand ensures that the quality and price will be some of the best, and it also allows you the ease of mind of knowing that you have a decent return policy.

As with any home improvement purchase, you only want to spend the money if it will improve the overall value of your home. Ceiling fans are a great way to increase your homes appeal as well as value. This is due to the benefits they offer any home owner. The major benefit a ceiling fan can offer is the energy efficiency they provide. A home’s power bill can get outrageous, especially in the summer months. This is due to the constant use of the air conditioning. A ceiling fan allows you to turn the air conditioning off and seriously decrease your energy consumption, while still keeping your rooms at a comfortable temperature.

The other major benefit of a ceiling fan is the aesthetic appeal. Many homeowners will automatically know that a ceiling fan can lower their energy use. They will take this into consideration when they look at a home to purchase. But, subconsciously, they also are more attracted to a room when a ceiling fan is present. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are great when it comes to this aspect as they all have very aesthetically pleasing designs, but are still cost effective.

A ceiling fan can boost the overall appeal of your house and also save you money on your power bill. When looking for a ceiling fan you want to make sure that the brand you choose is of a high quality and is a price that you can afford. I recommend that if you don’t know how to install one (as it can be a difficult install due to the wiring required), that you look into purchasing installation when you buy your ceiling fan. Most major retailers have an installation service for as little as $50.

If you are looking to increase your energy efficiency, I would also recommend looking into energy efficient light bulbs. Light bulbs have come a long way in the last few years and you can now get bulbs that use half the wattage of previous generation that will last up to 5 years with average use. This can also greatly decrease your power bill. There are a lot of ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home and lowering the overall power bill is a great investment. It will make your home more appealing once you get ready to sell and in this current market, any improvement is a good one.